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Eyelash Extensions:

Individual lash-by-lash extensions are applied with safe adhesive to give your lashes a naturally longer and fuller look. Various lengths and diameters are available to create any look desired- natural, glam, or anything in between! Fills are required to keep lashes looking beautiful and full.

Full Application

120 min...$200

2 Week Fill

45 min...$52

3 Week Fill

60 min...$60

Eyelash Lifting & Tinting:

The most popular service! Combine an eye opening lash lift with a deeply defining tint and be amazed at the difference! Carve time off your daily make up routine. A lift and tint lasts 6-8 about low maintenance!! This service works with what your natural lashes. Curling/lifting your lashes make them look longer and really open up your eyes. 


24 hours after a lift and tint

-Keep lashes dry(that includes sweat)

-Keep lashes away from any heat (that includes steam)

-Try not to rub your eyes

-Refrain from wearing any eye makeup

-Trade your contacts for glasses

-Skip any lash serums application

These tips are crucial to ensure the treatment sets properly and provides you with the best outcome and longevity possible! After the 24 hours, there are zero rules or restrictions. 

Lash Lift + Tint

60 min...$80

Ultimate Lift + Tint

lash extensions are added to the outer 1/4 of the eyes to create a more dramatic look

90 min...$110

Lash Lift

30 min...$60

Lash Tint

20 min...$30

Brow Tint

includes wax

30 min...$35

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