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Away We Glow Facial

Normal/Dull Skin

For that dewy glow! A creamy Green Tea extract cleanses & calms complexion before applying an illuminating alcohol-free tonic. Reveal & renew with a fruit acid mask. Calm & hydrate with an avocado extract, oil & butter mask. Illuminate dark spots with a vitamin-enhanced serum called Eternal Light! Seal it all in with an advanced peptide + Retinol-rich facial hydrator. Ending with an eye-perfecting serum to keep crow’s feet away.

60 min...$85

Thirst Quencher- Hyaluronic Booster Facial

Normal/Dry Skin

Beginning with a coconut milk cleanse, while the green tea extract calms. A hydrating rose water tonic is lightly spritzed, followed by a plant-based exfoliation. A mud mask instantly soothes & rids your skin of excess oils. An avocado mask that has hydrating & cooling super powers is also used. Followed by a dual-phase CBD oil & Hyaluronic Acid boosting serums. Ending with a time-released retinol hydrating gelee & an eye cream.

60 min...$85

Swipe to C- Express Glow Facial

All Skin Types

A plant-based cleanser clears complexion for a superfruit tonic that hydrates & illuminates! A swipe of clinically developed peel pads then deliver brightness & a refined new look to pores. Next, a fruit acid peel mask renews complexion. Cap off this treatment with an ageless whipped facial mousse packed with advanced peptides & pure form retinol for a flawless appearance. Of course, we protect our renewed complexion with a reef-friendly SPF made with crisp notes of rosemary.

30 min...$65

Chocolate Banana Tightening Facial

Aging Skin 

Your skin is cleansed with a creamy coconut & green tea extract blend, followed by a sugar & Shea butter polish to clear away dry skin. Transforming masks containing of Coco & CoQ10, as well as banana & tumeric tighten, resurface & leave your skin glowing! A vitamin berry & rose water tonic make your pores vanish while also hydrating. Multiple serums & lotions are used to hydrate & smoothe, while finishing with a nourishing eye cream for fine lines.

60 min...$95

Dapper Dad- Replenishing Facial

All Skin Types

You don't have to be a dad to book this facial, but it's custom designed for men! A foaming hemp gel cleanses pores, then an organic cucumber extract-infused tonic clarifies complexion. Now we refine with a whipped, plant particle exfoliant. Ingrown hairs? Not anymore! A fermented lemon peel extract mask then brightens & firms. We end by applying a slow-release, pure form retinol gelée serum to the face, followed by an organic gotu kola serum to the outer & under-eye area.

45 min...$65

Lettuce Be Clear! Mattifying & Clarifying Facial

Oily Skin

A foaming green tea extract Cleanser also removed makeup & excess oils. A cucumber water tonic with triple hydroxy acids balances pores. A minty plantfoliant with 5 botanicals gently exfoliates & instantly smoothes tough skin. Next up is a Glycolic mask to resurface & replenish followed by a mud mask to clarify & balance. Ending with a brightening serum, a line minimizing eye cream, & a Kale moisturizer to lightly hydrate & mattify.

60 min...$85

Honey Wine Redness Recovery Facial

Rosacea/Irritated/Sensitive Skin

A green tea & coconut milk wash is followed by a silky polish & rose water tonic. Your freshly cleansed complexion will be treated to a raw honey, yogurt & oats mask that calms & clarifies. Peat mud & green matcha tea infuse skin to relieve & instantly soothe. A wine-infused serum reduces pore size before an ageless lotion hydrates, reduces wrinkles & instantly firms. Our eye serum finishes by smoothing fine lines

60 min...$90

That’zit! Porefection Teen Facial

Perfect intro into facials for a pre-teen/teen. This deep pore-cleansing facial begins with a steamed whole milk towelette & gentle shea butter sugar cleansing. Prepare for a nourishing organic pumpkin puree & active yogurt culture mask that digs deep once painted on, leaving you with a more even-toned fresh faced look. Enjoy a cooling finish with a milk-infused cool moist towel.

45 min...$65

Kale Power! Resurfacing Fruit Enzyme Facial

Rough/Dry/Dull Skin

A micro kale cleanser is used to remove makeup, sunscreen & any leftover residue left on the skin. A revitalizing cucumber water tonic is used before applying a skin brightening, exfoliating fruit enzyme mask. Followed by a soothing avocado butter mask to rid the skin of any redness or irritation. Next an illuminating serum brightens the skin. Ending with a mattifying kale extract hydrator & soothing eye cream.

60 min...$100

Probiotic Coconut Milk Facial

Dry/Sensitive Skin

Pre-cleanse with organic sunflower seed oil followed by our nourishing Green Tea Milk Wash. A polish of plant-based particles & cucumber extract reveal your silkiest complexion yet. A coconut milk mask with skin balancing, healthy pre & probiotics leave you dewy & glowing. An avocado butter mask cools,calms & hydrates. Skin is treated to a rose water tonic & a serum packed with antioxidants & vitamins. A peptide-enhanced hydrator & fine line catching eye serum tighten & tone!

60 min...$85

Fruit Infusion- Vit C Brightening Facial

Uneven Skintone/Hyperpigmentation

After starting with a foamy citrus-based cleanser, a vit c & superfruit tonic is used to boost hydration & luminosity. Next, thousands of plant fiber particles gently renew the skin with a microdermabrasion effect! A creamy blend of antioxidant rich green tea & lemon balm boosts radiance before a bio hemp oil-in-serum brightens. Ending with a tightening & brightening lemon peel mask & organic eye cream.

60 min...$90

Whipped Pumpkin Mousse Clarifying Enzyme Facial

Oily/Acneic Skin

Looking for a good deep clean? Then this facial is for you! Starting with a foaming cleanser made with soothing botanicals, followed by a cucumber tonic that visibly renews the skin. Next the skin is exfoliated with an Arizona red clay polish. A pumpkin puree mask is used to deep clean, draw out excess oils & bacteria. Brighten & refresh with an illuminating serum & a retinol rich whipped facial mousse! Ending with an eye cream to reduce fine lines & make you look awake.

60 min...$90

Eye Surrender-Tightening and Toning Face & Eye Revitalizing Facial

Aging/Dull/Sagging Skin

Sanded Ground exfoliator eliminates bacteria & dead skin. Continue by cleansing with a coconut milk wash and a soothing application of Vitamin Berry Tonic to eliminate pores. Next up is a tapioca glycolic mask to resurface & smooth your skin's texture. A cactus-infused gel wrap works to tighten skin & increase circulation before a brightening serum is applied. Finishing by diminishing those pesky fine lines with Three Milk Lotion & Crow Catcher Eye Serum.

60 min...$100


What is it?

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique which removes vellus hair ("peach fuzz") as well as surface debris with a custom surgical steel dermaplaning blade. The blade is held at a 45-degree angle while 2-3 weeks' worth of dead skin buildup and pesky fuzz are gently scraped away. 

*not recommended to active and/or inflamed acne

What are the benefits?

  • Increases absorption of topical skincare products
  • Skin texture instantly smoothed
  • Brightens the skin and evens out skin tone
  • Improves mild scarring
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Provides a smooth canvas for a flawless and even makeup application
  • Instant visible results
  • Creates a healthier, more radiant appearance
  • Pain free with zero down time
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Primes skin for chemical peels

Dermaplaning Myths:

"Your peach fuzz will grow back thicker and darker."

Let's squash this rumor once and for all! It's biologically impossible for hair to grow back thicker because of shaving. Dermaplaning does not affect the root of the hairs or disrupt growth. Shaving simply creates a blunt tip on the hairs which may be interpreted as feeling thicker. 

"Dermaplaning causes breakouts."

While dermaplaning cannot be performed on skin with active inflamed acne, it will prevent clogged pores and pimples from forming. By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, dermaplaning will prevent those cells from becoming trapped in your pores. It also makes it easier for your acne treatments and serums to penetrate into your pores, therefore making those products more effective.

"At-home dermaplaning is the same as a professional treatment."

Purchasing a Tinkle razor from Amazon is not going to give you the same results as a medical-grade scalpel and highly trained Esthetician. A quality dermaplaning blade gets rid of the superficial layers of dead skin cells as well as vellus hair providing a deeper more effective treatment, while the drugstore tool only removes the surface hair. 

Dermaplane Pro Treatment

 This treatment starts off with a soothing double cleanse. The skin is then prepped with an AHA/BHA solution to degrease the skin, prevent post-treatment breakouts and loosen the bonds of the superficial layers of the skin. Next, a Nourishe Oil is lightly applied to protect and nourish the skin and provide a smooth glide. After the dermaplaning itself is performed, a natural enzyme gel is massaged into the skin causing any dead skin cells still hanging around to bead up and be easily removed with a soothing warm towel. Lastly, a mask chosen based on your skincare needs is applied, while a relaxing arm and hand massage is performed. Wrapping up this treatment with a refreshing tonic mist, serums, and a nourishing moisturizer. 

Your skin will feel fresh, glowy, and baby soft!

*Also available as an add-on treatment to any facial

45 min...$65

Body Treatments:

Clear & Calm Back Treatment

A relaxing back and neck massage accompanied by an exfoliating and clarifying back facial. A bubble cleanser is used followed by an exfoliatiant composed of powdered volcanic pumice to smooth the skin while red Arizona clay draws out bacteria and excess oils. Ending with a cucumber water tonic to kill bacteria and clarify, as well as a light-weight kale lotion.

45 min...$70

High Frequency:

What is it?

High Frequency is a treatment device with a gas-filled glass electrode to treat various contours of the face and alleviate concerns. After applying a serum, the electrode glides over the skin's surface producing a mild electrical current that instantly stimulates skin cells under the surface to increase cellular activity. You may feel a mild warming sensation, slight tingle, hear a buzzing sound and smell the purity of the ozone being produced. High Frequency is 100% natural and safe!

Is High Frequency for me?

This treatment is the most beneficial for those who suffer from acne, enlarged pores, and excessive oil production. The deep penetrating germicidal action from High Frequency greatly reduces cystic acne. It also helps treat any type of existing breakouts as well as preventing new acne.

Other candidates include those who feel they have lackluster, dull skin and aging.  

More in Depth:

Various electrode applicators are accessible to be able to customize your treatment and enhance results. 

Neon "Orange" Electrode

  • Treats aging skin
  • Reduces sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles over time 
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Encourages cellular turnover

Argon "Violet" Electrode

  • Combats acne prone skin
  • Provides antibacterial and healing benefits
  • Eliminates blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules
  • Prevents future breakouts

This treatment is available as an add-on to any facial!

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